07 maio 2010

Misfit Shapes

O shaper Dave Howell em entrevista à mesurf:

"Finally, any advice you can offer to aspiring shapers?
Again, enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t love it, you won’t put time into researching and design, which are so key. Also, understand the fundamentals of board design. Maybe get a straight edge and a measuring square/tape, and measure your board’s rockers. Study and understand the basics. Then grab a planer and don’t be scared to mow a blank or two down. You’ll get a understanding and respect of how hard it is and how much easier we have it today. Lastly, try and work with surfers that are able to give you feedback on how to improve your boards, and pick a product and do it well. You can’t be everything to everyone…"

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Wave Riders Açores disse...

Belo "paint job" nessa prancha!